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Immune defence

Immune defence and health in times of the new coronavirus

A strong immune system helps you to stay fit, efficient and healthy. A healthy immune system is all the more important when we are confronted with pathogens against which we have not yet been able to develop specific antibodies, as is the case with the corona virus Covid-19, which is currently hitting us so hard. Immune cells ensure that pathogens are recognised and rendered harmless. Furthermore, our immune system is able to store characteristics of pathogens it has been confronted with and successfully fended off in a kind of database. It can fall back on this database and defend itself much faster if the same, or a structurally very similar, virus or bacterium attacks our body again. Unfortunately, this is not possible with the current corona virus Covid-19, our immune system must first develop its defensive capabilities from scratch. There is currently no vaccine, no medicine and no other products or substances that can directly fight this corona virus. We can only protect ourselves by adhering to the known rules of hygiene and avoiding infection, and indirectly by supporting a healthy immune system so that it is not burdened with other tasks and is fully operational.

Overview: how to reduce your risk of infection with Corona / Covid-19 (PDF)

Through your diet you can have a decisive influence on your immune system and your health. A balanced, varied diet with lots of vegetables and fruits is the basis for this. This ensures a nutrient-dense supply of vital micronutrients (e.g. vitamins, minerals) in a natural way. In addition, a sufficient supply of protein is also crucial, as an optimal protein metabolism is not only important for building and maintaining muscle mass, but also for many other functions (e.g. immune system, blood cells, enzymes, hormones).

In addition, strong defence forces not only depend on protein, vitamins and minerals, but also on a healthy intestinal flora. In addition, there are a number of other nutrients which, through their specific properties, provide a broad spectrum of effects and thus contribute to a healthy, active and vital lifestyle.

Learn more about tips for strengthening the immune system against pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.

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