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By partial splitting of long protein chains (hydrolysis) short chain peptides can be produced. Depending on the degree of hydrolysis and the molecular size of these chains, less digestive work is required. This increases tolerance and allows faster absorption from the intestine into the blood. However, direct absorption is only possible for di- and tripeptides, i.e. chains with two to three amino acids. Protein hydrolysates are never commercially available completely hydrolysed and pure di- and tripeptides are also only clinically available. Only partially hydrolysed proteins are always available as food supplements and sports nutrition. SPONSER® offers these in the form of powder or as practical ready to drink ampoules.

Amino 12500 Short info
RUB 8,600.00
  • Highly concentrated drinking ampoule with 12.5 g amino acids
  • For strength and endurance sports: fast and practical use
  • With BCAA, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine
  • Protection of the musculature during the exercise

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