Swissalpine Feed Stations

PHOTO: alphafoto.com/provided by Swissalpine

Swissalpine Davos 2021 with race nutrition from SPONSER

The range of products from the Swiss sports nutrition company SPONSER SPORT FOOD is just as unique and varied as the course profile of the Swissalpine Davos. The range includes products for amateur athletes as well as high-functional supplements for ambitious and competitive athletes and ultra runners. Athletes with specific needs - low carb, vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free or gluten-free - are also perfectly served by SPONSER products.

Feed stations with sport food from SPONSER
The distances between the feed stations are about 6-10 km. The participants therefore equip themselves with bottles/cups and feed themselves between the posts. At the feed stations, SPONSER will serve the mildly flavoured, acid-free sports drink COMPETITION Orange Orange (feed stations Dürrboden, Wasserfall, Monstein, Sertig Walserhuus; Wolfgang) . At the finish line also ISOTONIC Orange. In addition to that, athletes will find LIQUID ENERGY PLUS GELS with caffeine and the delicious HIGH ENERGY BARS Salty+Nuts at the feed stations of Wasserfall and Sertig Walserhuus. Please note: There are litter bins in every feeding zone. Littering outside of the food service areas is strictly prohibited.

As a long-time nutrition partner of the Swissalpine Davos, SPONSER wishes all runners an great and unforgettable trail run through the picturesque landscapes in the midst of the magnificent Graubünden mountains!

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Fitting products

Competition Short info
RUB CHF 0.00
  • For maximum endurance and performance
  • Non-acidic and mildly flavoured sports drink to enhance tolerance
  • Multi-carb formula: High energy density & hypotonic
  • Lactose and gluten free, no additives or free fructose
High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Short info
RUB CHF 0.00
  • High energy density
  • Optimal digestibility
  • Staggered energy release
Isotonic Short info
RUB CHF 0.00
  • Isotonic thirst quencher for optimal endurance performance
  • Fruity taste, available in 5 flavours
  • Multi-carb formula with electrolytes