Sports drinks at the Bodensee Radmarathon

PHOTO: provided by Bodensee Radmarathon

For your best performance at the Bodensee Radmarathon: Choose the «right» drink!

If you want to show your best performance at the Bodensee Radmarathon, you would do well to take enough time at the feeding stations. Empty legs, a sinking feeling or even dizziness in the saddle: it doesn't have to be like that! That's why it's important to keep yourself hydrated and energised throughout the entire cycling marathon. The few minutes you leave behind at the feeding zone are easily made up for on the course when your energy battery is fully charged.

The feeding stations of the Bodensee Radmarathon will serve a wide range of food and drinks. Sports drinks are offered in Meersburg and Stein am Rhein by the Swiss sports nutrition company SPONSER®. You can choose from the drinks COMPETITION, ISOTONIC and SPORT TEA, all of which are vegan.

COMPETITION for ambitious athletes
Ambitious athletes who ride the Gold Tour (220 km) at the Bodensee Radmarathon should preferably reach for the COMPETITION sports drink from SPONSER®. It is formulated to be acid-free and extremely mildly flavoured, which proves to be an advantage during high performance, in the heat or in the case of a sensitive stomach. It has a high energy density, is hypotonic and contains no free fructose, lactose, gluten or artificial additives.

ISOTONIC for endurance athletes
The slightly stronger flavoured ISOTONIC sports drink from SPONSER® is an isotonic thirst quencher that supplies the body with fluids and electrolytes. It is suitable for athletes who prefer a strong flavour in their drink and do not race at the performance limit. It is gluten- and lactose-free and available in various fruity flavours.

SPORT TEA for moderate activities
SPORT TEA by SPONSER®, popular with young and old, is a refreshing sports drink that resembles a fruity peach-flavoured iced tea. The hypotonic thirst quencher has a lower energy content than COMPETITION and ISOTONIC, but nevertheless provides the body with electrolytes and is suitable for moderate exertion during sport and leisure. It is gluten- and lactose-free and contains no sweeteners or conservatives.

Nutrition tips for cyclists
For more advice on what to eat for cycling, study the tips in the cycling nutrition guide or browse sponser.com/cycling. SPONSER® wishes all participants good luck at the Bodensee Radmarathon 2022!

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