Sponser Is Test Winner

SPONSER's HIGH ENERGY BAR Awarded by «RennRad Magazin»

In the summer of 2018, the German cycling journal RennRad Magazin carried out a consumer test that focused on energy bars for cyclists. The HIGH ENERGY BAR SALTY+NUTS by SPONSER® was declared test winner by the jury.

«A little bit hard to chew and slightly sticky. But the taste of the high energy bar is very good. Very intense, not too sweet, slightly salty. Good consistency. The bar is very flat and therefore fits perfectly into a cyclist's pocket.»

HIGH ENERGY BARS from SPONSER® are also available in the flavours Apricot-Vanilla, Banana and Berry.

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High Energy Bar
High Energy Bar Short info
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  • High energy density
  • Optimal digestibility
  • Staggered energy release