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How to increase the protein content in your nutrition with SPONSER

There are two ways to reduce your weight and body fat percentage, ideally in combination. You increase your calorie output with additional physical activity. And you minimise caloric intake. The simplest and most effective approach is to increase the protein content in your nutrition. Nowadays, there is a wealth of clinical data that prove the satiating, muscle-preserving and calorie-burning (thermogenic) effect of protein.

Slow digestion, increased satiety
Casein, the largest protein fraction in milk protein, is considered to be particularly satiating because, due to its gelling effect in the digestive tract, it is digested more slowly. Casein-containing protein shakes such as MULTI PROTEIN, CASEIN or LOW CARB PROTEIN SHAKE are therefore particularly suitable as a side dish or the main course of a meal as well. It is also recommended to take such a slow-protein shake as a late meal before going to bed, because they provide a long-lasting influx of amino acids into the blood, and thus reduce the nightly catabolic muscle breakdown phase without hindering lipolysis (fat breakdown).

To support a diet as part of weight management. To be taken with vegetables and/or salad after training or with a main meal.
• Satiating meal: high casein and fibre content
• High-quality protein to compensate for muscle loss with reduced calorie intake
• Prebiotic dietary fibres to support the intestinal flora
• L-carnitine for optimal burning of fatty acids
• Choline to support normal fat metabolism

Alternative for vegans.
• High-quality protein shake based on quinoa, sunflower seeds, peas and rice
•100% vegan

As a satiating snack in between.
• High protein bar
• Only 2 g net carbs
• High in fibres

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Author: Remo Jutzeler
Ing. Applied Food Sciences UAS
MAS Nutrition & Health ETHZ

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