Interview Lea Sprunger

PHOTO: D. Mitchell provided by Lea Sprunger

«I am looking forward to run in Lausanne»

Ath the Athletissima on 5 July 2019 SPONSER athlete Lea Sprunger will compete over 400 m hurdles. We wanted to know from her how she is feeling after her injury.

Lea, how are you at the moment?

The form is slowly returning. Last month was very turbulent, not only because of the injury, but also because of the World Relays in Japan, which cost me a lot of strength. I have fundamentally rebuilt my base and am confident that I will soon be in a good shape.

What are your plans for the Athletissima?

I want to compete with the world's best over 400 m hurdles and try to run a new personal best of the season.

Do you benefit from a home advantage in Lausanne?

It's definitely an advantage to be able to run in front of a home crowd in the La Pontaise stadium. I feel really carried, that's a great feeling!

Which SPONSER products do you use in the competition?

Before the race I take an ACTIVATOR to be 100% ready. After the race I drink a yummy PRO RECOVERY mango shake. I love it!

Fitting products

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