Caffeine Content in Coffee Capsules

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Considerable fluctuations of caffeine content in coffee capsules

An Australian research team has examined Nespresso® capsules regarding their caffeine content. Although the caffeine content of coffee is generally known, there was a gap in knowledge about Nespresso® capsules. The results make people sit up and take notice: the caffeine content depends on the capsule size as well as on the type of coffee. For example, the caffeine content of Nespresso® products varied from 19-147 mg per serving. For the «Livanto» and «Roma» varieties, one portion of ristretto provided 51 mg and 66 mg of caffeine respectively.

Caffeine in sports
A targeted caffeine intake through natural foods is practically impossible due to the fluctuating contents and missing or inaccurate manufacturer's specifications. Those who use caffeine to improve performance - caffeine is listed by the Swiss Society for Sports Nutrition (SSNS) as A Performance Supplement - should rely on high-quality and precisely dosed supplements such as ACTIVATOR from SPONSER. The caffeine shot delivers 200 mg of caffeine per flask in a standardized way and thus allows exact dosage for performance enhancement.

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Author: Yvonne Forster
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