AMINO 12500

Effect and use of AMINO 12500

• Highly concentrated amino acid shot (25 ml), consisting of 12.5g amino acids in the fastest available form.
• With BCAA, L-arginine and L-ornithine: amino acids that cannot be produced by the body itself and must be supplied with food.
• Full amino acid profile
• Protects the muscles during exercise, especially in the event of an energy deficit with «self-cannibalisation» of the muscles.
• Easy and convenient on-the-go, fits in every pocket.
• In fruity-fine cherry flavour.
• Strength athletes: Take the shot immediately before training and in combination with a conventional protein shake after the session.
• Endurance athletes: Consume one ampoule every two to three hours during exercise or immediately after hard training sessions to promote recovery.

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Amino 12500
Amino 12500 Short info
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  • Highly concentrated drinking ampoule with 12.5 g amino acids
  • For strength and endurance sports: fast and practical use
  • With BCAA, L-Arginine and L-Ornithine
  • Protection of the musculature during the exercise