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Livio Wenger



Athleten Information

Livio Wenger
  • Livio Wenger
  • Sport Eisschnelllauf
  • Sponser Athlet seit 2016
  • Nationalität Schweiz
  • Geburtstag 20. January 1993

Warum Sponser?

The product I trust!


-4. Platz Olympia 2018
-2. Platz Weltcup Salt Lake City
-Diverse Top 10 Plätze an Weltcups
-2. Platz World Games (Inline Skating)

Produkte Empfehlung von Livio Wenger

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  • Highest quality and value, grass-fed Whey
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  • Dietary support of weight reduction & convalescence
Lactat Buffer
Lactat Buffer Kurzinfo
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  • Performance Supplement for intensive performances
  • increased acid tolerance
  • ideal in sports where muscle acidity and lactate accumulation limit performance
  • For use at important competitions